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The RGA Courses Academy

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Follow The Bank Strategy

Learn to follow the footprints left by the institutional Banks

Every single day of the year, uninterrupted H24 from Sunday evening until the following Friday evening, currency exchanges take place for amounts of several trillions of dollars.

In this huge market, Central Banks but above all private national banks such as BARCLAYS, GOLDMAN SACHS, UBS, J.P MORGAN, DEUTSCHE BANK inject huge amounts of money with the aim of making profits.

By analyzing EXCLUSIVELY the daily charts you will be able to understand the market entry points of these institutional banks and you will be able to join them, obtaining a huge competitive advantage towards retail traders

Wolfe Waves Strategy

The evolution of Bill Wolfe's method, known all over the world

800% Return (RR 1:8) on this sale on WTI oil.

With Real Gains’ Wolfe Waves Strategy it’s possible to detect trades with a potential Risk / Reward impossible to achieve with other methods.

DAX / DOW J Intraday Strategy

Turn yourself into a sniper

DAX and US indices are the absolute best tools for intraday trading.
Through the Real Gains method you can work on these every day, to obtain constant and profitable results over time.

Daily Trading Signals

VIP Members Receive the best operational signals found on the Daily Time Frame Charts.
Anyone is able to follow and manage this type of operation.

  • Forex (Major and Minor Pair Currencies)
  • Stock Market Indices (DAX, S&P500, NASDAQ, DOW JONES)
  • Commodities (Gold, Silver, WTI Oil)

The RGA Software Suite

A Proprietary Advanced Software Platform

Trading System Dashboard is an Amazing Software Platform that helps you to Follow All RGA Strategies.

Advanced Lessons

RGA provides to all VIP Members an additional reserved area where interesting opportunities are published (ideas, trades, etc.)

You can use this information to set up trades or monitor these tools to detect market entry opportunities.


It takes a few minutes a day

With the RGA method you just need to dedicate few minutes a day.

You have no customers, you have no bureaucracy to complete, you do not have to pay suppliers, you have no warehouse, you dedicate your few minutes and you are done with the day.

non hai costi onerosi per iniziare questa attività

You have no onerous costs to bear

Trading offers conditions that no other business has.

Dropshipping, selling on Amazon, kindle publishing are all activities that require a lot of skills and are influenced by external factors that can affect the outcome of the business itself.
In addition to this, considerable investments are required (costs to buy the goods, to create paid advertising on facebook, google.)

diventando un trader di valute non hai competitor

You have no Competitor

Diventando Smart Trader elimini il problema della concorrenza, devi solo concentrarti su te stesso e pensare a fare le cose nel miglior modo possibile.

In qualsiasi altro settore dovrai essere più bravo degli altri che cercheranno di farti concorrenza.

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