Dax Scalping Strategy: For PRO Traders High RR Ratio

Scalping the Dax or American indices

The Dax strategy teaches you to take advantage of the intraday movements of the German and American indexes.

Operating on 5 Minutes Time Frame, You’ll learn how recognize Trend or Counter-Trend Setup.

The Dax Strategy Course

Access the RGA Free Academy to study how the method works.


Dax Operating Rules

Discover the operating rules.

Step by Step the Method is explained.

Dax Trend Indicator

The Dax “Trend Indicator” is an Amazing tool that helps to wait the best moment to enter in a trade. 

Dax Volume Trend Indicator

And what about the volumes?

By identifying when large hedge funds enter the market it is possible to predict an imminent reversal of the movement.

Trading System Dashboard

Find out how Real Gains’ IT tools (available to VIP members) can help you follow this powerful strategy.

Entry Alert Example#1

A very good Sell Trade during a downtrend movement. 

knowing the instrument’s intraday trend is essential to know which actions are best to perform

Entry Alert Example#2

Another example to catch the movement at the right moment.

Here we are in a strong downtrend and there are some good “Entry Level Points” for enter in a trade.

Entry Alert Example#3

From a Bullish movement, we find a trigger to click the “BUY Button” and make another good and profitable trade.

Every Day, a lot of good opportunities comes from the Market.

Real Trade#1: DOW JONES Short Trades (+64 Point)

This is a trade on the US Dow Jones index.

The price after a rise begins to fall, and we detect this movement by gaining 64 points.

Real Trade#2: DAX Long Trade (+31 Points)

This is a trade on the DAX Index.

Buy from a very low level and exit from the operation in few minutes for a Very Good Profit

Real Trade#3: DAX Short Trade (+50 Points)

This is another trade on the DAX Index.

50 points Selling from the Highest Retracement Level.

Closing the Trade in less of 20 minutes.

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