Follow The Banks Strategy: For Everyone High Win Rate Risk / Rewards 1:2

Learn to follow the footprints left by the institutional Banks

Every single day of the year, uninterrupted H24 from Sunday evening until the following Friday evening, currency exchanges take place for amounts of several trillions of dollars.

In this huge market, Central Banks but above all private national banks such as BARCLAYS, GOLDMAN SACHS, UBS, J.P MORGAN, DEUTSCHE BANK inject huge amounts of money with the aim of making profits.

By analyzing EXCLUSIVELY the daily charts you will be able to understand the market entry points of these institutional banks and you will be able to join them, obtaining a huge competitive advantage towards retail traders

The FTB Strategy Course

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200% ROI for Each Operation

With Follow The Banks Strategy you will learn how to set operations on the Daily Chart always looking for a Risk / Reward of 1: 2

Equal to an ROI of 200%

It only takes 15 minutes a day

Follow The Banks Strategy Requires only 15 minutes for Day 

A Method Also for Beginners

Follow The Banks Strategy is the recommended method for anyone who wants to seriously start trading. Operating exclusively on daily charts will prevent you from falling into the typical problems of those who work with intraday charts.

Trading System Dashboard

The Dashboard, the Method Control Panel

A control panel that communicates with the Metatrader 4

Manage positions with the Size Calculation function

Calculate precisely the SIZE you need to use for your trade based on the size of the stop loss and the monetary risk.

Study the charts directly from the Dashboard

Scroll chart by chart without necessarily having to go to the Metatrader 4.
please note: the Metatrader must be open

Bullish or Bearish Trend? Trend automatically detected through the COT Report

No indicator will ever really show you the trend, because these are calculated on the price.
On the contrary, our Trend indicator is calculated using the COT Report, analyzing the data on our servers and transferring the information to the Metatrader.
The real trend is the money, not the price.
Green trend indicator? The big banks are buying
Red Trend Indicator? The big banks are selling

Automatic detection of the important areas and levels of institutional banks

The algorithms are able to automatically identify and track the main levels where the Institutional Banks place their orders

GBPAUD Example#1: Short Trade

A very good Sell Trade during a downtrend movement. 

Spend only 15 Minutes per Day and Improve your Trading Skills!

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