Wolfe Waves Strategy: For PRO Traders High RR Ratio

The evolution of Bill Wolfe's method, known all over the world

I’d like you to take this test.

Look carefully at the following chart and try to identify a characteristic that makes sense of this price trend (which seems random) or the purpose is to determine when you could have bought or sold.

When you think you have an answer (or even if you don’t have it) then slowly scroll down the page.

Step (2) - Highs & Lows

I first circled sequences of decreasing lows and increasing lows in the same color.

  • Colors Orange, Blue and Gray: Minimum decreasing
  • Green and Red Colors: Increasing Highs

Have you noticed that these are generally 3 minimum or 3 maximum sequences?

Step (3) - Draw Trendline

I add another element, I join the minimums and maximums of each sequence of 3 with a line.

What do you notice in particular? I’ll help you, you need to find 2 items.

Step (4) - Find Point 3

1- The line joining points 1 and 2, if extended, identifies the area of probable point 3

Step (5) - The Reversal

From point 3… The price reverses and accelerates.

Step (6) - W & M

These “price structures” can be traced back to what you see below, take the form of “M” or “W” and provide us with an effective method to identify the point of “manipulation” of the market.

Step (7) - The Market Manipulation

What is “market manipulation?”

Let’s look at another example on EURUSD, Hourly Time Frame.

Step (8) - Look the Support

Here is a support, highlighted in yellow.

But what happens at some point?

Support is breached giving an idea of a breakout.

In this condition many traders will have opened trades for sale.

But on the contrary, instead of continuing to fall, the price starts to rise again.

Step (9) - Wolfe Waves in Action

Look at the pattern, do you recognize it?

Let me introduce you to the Wolfe Pattern, one of the best systems I use to identify these opportunities with a high Risk / Reward ratio.

WTI Oil - Sell trade - Risk / Reward 1:8 (800% ROI)

Sell from the High

A striking oil trade resulted in an 800% profit on the operation.
The operation was born on Daily Time Frame

EUR/USD - Buy Trade - Risk / Reward 1:2 (200% ROI)

Purchase transaction on EURUSD. Notice how the sequence is always the same.

Institutions buy at low prices, and thanks to Wolfe’s wave strategy we are able to follow them

GBP/USD Sell Trade - Risk / Reward 1:3 (300% ROI)

Another operation on Forex, precisely on GBPUSD.

Institutional banks build positions for sale by bringing the price as high as possible.

Retail traders, on the other hand, think that the price should continue to rise.

DOW LONES Buy Trade - Risk Reward 1:2,5 (250% ROI)

This is a trade on the US Dow Jones index.

The price after a sharp decline suddenly reverses and offers an excellent buying opportunity that ends with an excellent profit

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